Now taking registrations to start delivering food bundles in May 2023


The only virtual market in America that helps families by putting money back into their wallets!

Nia Rennix, Entrepreneur, Food Insecurity Advocate , and Clinical Nutritionist launches HungerDash

We partner with local grocery stores, food markets, organizations, and corporations to provide healthy food to create balanced meals for families in need.

How is HungerDash different?

We ask  families  to explain why they need help paying for their  groceries. Four time out of the year we pick one lucky family. The only request we have is that you email us your grocery receipt. Once we have your grocery bill receipt, we will give you back the amount listed- up to $125.

Supplemental Food Support Hub

Our mission at HungerDash is to ensure that every family has healthy food to eat regardless of economic status. We are dedicated to providing this service with love, dignity, and discretion for families in need.

Food Support

Are you having difficulty finding enough food in your community?

Since COVID, hunger has increased and now with the rising food costs, families are struggling with not knowing how they are going to pay for groceries. If you’re dealing with financial uncertainty, click the button below to register and apply for a bundle of food.

The process is very simple. Take a look at how it works!

Register and apply for food support.

Fill out the application form to see if you qualify.

If your application is approved, we will notify you via email or text. Yeah!

Get food delivered directly to your front door.

In the United States, more than 30 million Americans and 9 million children are food insecure. Post COVID-19, good cost has increased by 30%. Families are struggling with not knowing how they are going to pay for their next meal.

We are in the midst of a food crisis. HungerDash was created to help address this overwhelming issue that impacts millions of families every day.

The bundle you receive from HDash is meant to be supplementary to the food you purchase at the grocery store. You can continue using our service for months or for years.

Our goal is to support families who are in different stages of their supplemental food journey achieve success and greater stability.